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Chronic Disease

Chronic disease is the number one killer of our time. One in 4 individuals will die from diabetic complications within the next decade unless we do something now to curtail this ever burgeoning epidemic. Our young people will not live as long as their predecessors with this new disease complication.

With chronic disease there is an ever rising concept that you must take medications to “manage your disease”. This is just about the craziest and scariest concept ever pushed upon the American public. To consider that you must now “live” with your symptoms is unconscionable. This is brainwashing at its worst!

Your symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you. You must listen. They are part of an important conversation that your amazingly intelligent physiology is trying to have with YOU. The longer you continue to ignore the conversation, the LOUDER your body is going to shout.

When the body is dis-eased it cannot function as it is designed to. When this disease occurs there is wide-spread chaos and system malfunction on many levels.

And so disease occurs.

Start listening today by acknowledging the voice of the body…your symptoms.