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Auto-Immune Disorders

In this healing practice I utilize a number of strategies to determine the health of the immune system. One of these strategies is the tongue and pulse diagnosis known as a traditional diagnostic tool within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These diagnostic techniques have been practiced for thousands of years and are the result of centuries of refinement according to the principles of this medical philosophy. Within this philosophy the TCM medical practitioner is able to design treatments to assist in the correct informational flow of the meridian system.

When assessing the variable immune system it is necessary to effectively discover the root of the dis-ease. In my practice this is also accomplished through the assistance of bio-resonance graphing. This has proven valuable in my initial assessment of the immune system and also in my evaluation of the results I generate. In addition to the effective information that I receive from the digital scan I also receive information as to what may be contributing to the immune system’s derailment.

After these assessments have been completed the treatment protocol is fabricated. This is where the use of various vibrational medicine tools comes in. This more “modern acupuncture” therapy is done through stimulation of the immune response using digitally captured frequency in conjunction with specific acupuncture points on the body. When these specific points are treated in conjunction with the appropriate frequency the body responds by  eliminating the offending frequency. There is also a simultaneous igniting of the immune response.

In the event of the immune system’s failure to incorporate itself against the offending pathogenic influence the immune system itself appears to be fighting against the physical body, but this is incorrect. The immune system does attack the physical body, however, it IS responding to the over-riding information input from the offending frequency. The “program” gets hijacked. It is the protocol that I have developed that removes the offending frequency and re-sets the immune system to its “default” setting.

Which is a good thing!