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Basin Natural Medicine is a home grown medical clinic in its 12th year of operation here in Klamath Falls, Oregon. We pride ourselves in providing quality, effective complementary medicine at affordable prices. Come inside and discover the answers to a vibrant healthy life no matter what your age. Let us help you open the door to longevity without chronic disease.

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Official recommendations indicate that acupuncture’s evidence is now acknowledged by medical experts and that acupuncture is no longer ‘alternative.’ Indeed, this new data illustrates that acupuncture is one of the most widely recommended treatments in modern medicine.

In addition to biochemical actions, studies also demonstrate direct effects of acupuncture on the central nervous system. These include spinal reflex effects, where acupuncture stimulates muscle relaxation and changes in visceral organs. 

In the brain, acupuncture has been shown to change functional connectivity, decreasing activity in limbic structures associated with stress and illness while improving the regulation of the hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis, the primary system that the body uses for regulating hormones and the physiological stress response.31

Additionally, acupuncture modulates parasympathetic activity, the branch of the nervous system associated with rest, relaxation, digestion and tissue healing.32

Acupuncture is considered safe in the hands of a well-trained practitioner and has been found to be cost-effective for some conditions. Patients, medical professionals, and healthcare administrators can be confident that the recommendation of acupuncture for many patients is a safe, cost-effective, and evidence-based recommendation.