No Needle Acupuncture for Kids

When acupuncture is applied to children it is very dynamic. This is because children are actively incorporating new information all the time. Their physiology is primed for change.

When I treat small children in my practice I utilize newer technology that enhances their experience here in my office. This technology enables me to treat the acupuncture meridians (information pathways) without the needle. Why don’t I use the needle-less acupuncture on adults, you might ask? Well this is because adult bodies are not the same as a small child’s. In the adult body the information is slower to activate than in the child’s body. This time delay is only nano-seconds different but this does make a huge advantage for the child.

In the adult body the change must incorporate many different variables that are not necessarily inherent in a child. Unfortunately this is changing as we give our children more toxic byproducts for their yet immature detoxification systems to deal with.