Internal Medicine

In the practice of Internal Medicine the physician removes any and all of the pathogenic influences that are contributing to the disease state of the physical body. When in a state of physical disease the internal landscape is in turmoil and cannot process itself in the fashion that it is intended. With the removal of these influences the physical body may be able to render itself well again.

When attempting to heal the body there are four (4) very important variables that must be addressed by the patient themselves to guarantee that the therapy will be a success. These four very important variables are:

  • Excellent dietary habits meaning that the patient selects healthy vibrant foods to nourish their bodies with. (see Nutritional Counseling)
  • Light to moderate exercise, daily. (see page¬†Exercise)
  • Adequate rest.
  • Healthy mental attitude. (see page Meditation)

With these four variables in place the patient will be able to regain the level of health that they may desire. With only one of these variables in place the patient will be able to regain slight improvement in their health status. With more variables in place the patient will achieve a higher degree of positive change in their overall wellness that will be sustainable over time.