Herbal Medicine


The therapeutic use of plants is one of the oldest forms of health care in the world. Herbal medicine has been routinely used throughout the world for many millennia and represents the use of specific medicinal herbs from this country as well as others. Herbs have an innate ability to heal not only the physical body but also the bodies electro-magnetic system, stimulating the return of the bodies optimally functioning state of being. The successful use of herbs for this long a period of time is, therefore, a testament to their contribution to health and healing.

Within my practice I utilize medicinal herbs as an adjunctive therapy.  Depending upon your specific needs I prescribe herbs that produce and contain a variety of frequencies and chemical substances. These substances act upon the body and the magnetic or bio-field to produce changes necessary for health to improve. The use of herbal medicinals is therefore the premiere medicine to be used for optimal physiological function.  Different herbs have been effectively used for a wide range of medicinal purposes including pain relief, hormone balancing, sleep enhancement, improved digestion, skin soothing, and stress relief to name but a few.

The herbs used in my practice contain primarily herbs that have been FDA approved and exceed GMP practices. Many are of pharmaceutical grade. I am a master herbalist with extensive training and continued study in the subject.

Herbal medicine can be used for many uses some of which are to prevent chronic disease and others are to be used to clear pathogenic influences from the physical body. In the case of prevention of chronic disease these wonderful herbal medicines are secondary for the body. Primary nutrition is the key to wellness with foods such as fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices and wild foods from nature being key to our health and wellness. In this way our nutrition becomes the primary medicine for the body. Herbal medicine makes up for the gaps in the food chain by promoting energy production using the nutrients obtained from our food supply. In addition herbal medicines are very productive in ridding the body of pathogenic influences such as colds, flu, parasites, and toxins. An excellent way to promote wellness is to eat a diet abundant in fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, wild foods (see nutritional counseling page) and supplement with medicinal herbal formulas for prevention of colds and flu during cold and flu season.

For those who catch colds easily there are herbal formulas that contain anti-viral constituents along with herbs that are anti-bacterial in function. These formulas are strong and effective when taken correctly.